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Ochumare Ensemble

This ensemble dedicated to play Santeria music for Orishas, Oshas or Santos, as well as Cajon a Eggun (ancestral spirits and spirit guides), toque de Palo, malongo, was established under the direction of yours truly, Jorgito, back in 1997.

The Ochumare ensemble has had the privilege of being selected to celebrate, honor or to simply comply with the Egguns’s and the Orishas’s wishes in numerous religious homes, that have requested our services. Our ensemble is known for its punctuality and respect to the individuals and guests whom require our services, therefore regarding us as reliable and responsible.

Because of these facts, and many other reasons, we are highly regarded and sought after by a solid and established clientele, that always calls upon us for their religious music needs. Our clients are not hesitant to refer us to their godchildren, friends and families. We play all types of religious music and instruments in order to achieve a rewarding and satisfying event for the Egguns and Orishas, as well as their initiates. We play Guiro, Cajon, Toque de Palo, Malongo, Abericula, Fundamental Bata Drums.

The Ochumare ensemble is internationally recognized and has performed in such countries as Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, and of course, throughout the United States of America / USA. It has moved the bodies and souls of many with its captivating rhythm and contagious beating of the drums and shekeres. Ochumare has also performed in many live shows, special events and artistic Afro-Cuban folkloric presentations that have been televised by the local Miami Latin television channels 23 and 51, which are known as Univision and Telemundo respectively.
We are proud to have also played, on numerous occasions, at the CLBA (Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye), Church that is under the direction of Oba Oriate Ernesto Pichardo.

The Ochumare Guiro Ensemble is available to travel domestically & internationally, whereever our services are required. If you want to experience an authentic guiro or toque de Santo, Cajon a egun, toque de Palo, malongo, aberikola, tambor de fundamento or fundamental drumming ceremony.

For bookings, please contact us via email or by telephone at 786.361.7778

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