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  • Initiation ceremonies to be ordained into the Santeria or Lukumi / Lucumi religion, (also known as Kariosha, Hacer Santo or Raspar Santo. 

  • Balogun, Cuchillo, Pinaldo Ceremony 

  • Consecration of the Warriors. (Elegua, Oggun, Ochosi and Osun) as well as any other Orishas or Oshas.

  • Consecration of elekes or collares de santo




  • Sacred reading of the initiates Ita, also known as the Book of Life.

  • Consultation with the dilogun or caracol of the initiate’s tutelar Orisha, also known as Bajada de Santo or Bajada del Caracol.

  • Sacred consultation and cleansing before and after initiation into Osha, Orisha.

  • Readings over the phone or via skype with the sacred cowrie shells, also known as dilogún or caracoles – (Through the dilogun, the source of the problem is identified and solutions are provided).


  • General Cleansings. (Ebboses) 

  • Sacred cleansing on the straw mat, Ebbo de estera.

  • Spiritual and material cleansings – (The exorcism or removal of evil or negative vibrations/spirits).

  • Spiritual Baths as well as Vigil Candle Services.  We make personalized amulets



  • Deceased and Internment ceremonies known as the “Itutu”.

  • Herbalist.

  • Rogations (head, womb, etc.)

  • Sacred ceremonies and offerings to Olokun and/or Babalu Aye. – Awan, Aguan

  • Offering of sheep to our deceased ancestors and/or spirit guides.

  • Homage ceremonies.

As a seasoned Oba Oriate, fluent in English and Spanish, my expertise are in all types of ceremonies required before, during and after the ordainment into the Lukumi (Lucumi) / Santeria Religion, also known as Kariosha, Hacer Santo or Raspar Santo.

What sets me apart in my practice is my professionalism, seriousness, respect and knowledge. Other of my many professional attributes is that I am a very punctual person who is extremely conscious and respectful of the client’s time.

Available to travel domestically & internationally, wherever my services are required. Please contact me via email or by telephone at 786.361.7778

I perform sacred readings or consultations via internet, or via telephone.

By continually striving to enrich my knowledge and technics, I am able to practice and conduct myself in an extremely precise manner, with a serious and solid religious ethic. I take into account the responsibility entrusted to me by the individuals with whom I work, particularly since their future can be at risk. I do this with the upmost respect and responsibility. I will maintain a superior standard of ethics towards our religion, and will not tolerate the abuse or exploitation of others. Above all, I understand and respect the privacy of every individual.
We will seek solution to your troubles. Through the Oracle of the Diloggun or Caracol, consultation or sacred reading, we will disclose the truth about your past, present and future through. Thus to identify the most favorable way and right path for each individual to follow, according to his/her astral conjunction, paired with predictions from the Orishas to bring the harmony, stability and peace of mind you're looking for.

Please contact me for any services related to Orisha, Oricha, Osha, Ocha initiations, ordainment; Religious ceremonies for eggun, egun, Itutu, Honrras, Homage ceremonies, Orum Orun or anything within the Santeria Religion, also known as Regla de Ocha, Yoruba, Lukumi, Lucumi.


* For entertainment purposes only

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